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  • API Fresh/Saltwater Nitrate Test Kit 90 Tests
    Testing water has never been simpler. Benefits: Tests Nitrate levels from 0 to 160 ppm Easy, & accurate For use in both fresh and salt water Follow the API Easy Care Guide and use NITRATE TEST KIT when: Testing key water parameters Identifying problems in an aquarium..
    $18.90 Ex Tax: $16.43
  • API Freshwater Liquid Master Test Kit
    Measures the most important aquarium levels quickly and accuratelyBenefits:Tests pH, High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite & NitrateScientifically accurate for professional resultsFollow API Easy Care Guide and use the FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT:During Regular CareWhen addressing Water Problem Solving iss..
    $49.90 Ex Tax: $43.39
  • Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
    When an aquarium has insufficient regions deprived of oxygen (= anaerobic zones) or denitrification proceeds incompletely then nitrate will build-up.A too high nitrate concentration can result in unwanted algae-growth and these might irritate corals in their neighborhood.Nitrate as such also retards..
    $25.90 Ex Tax: $22.52
  • Seachem Multitest Marine Basic Test Kit
    This kit combines the Marine pH & Alkalinity, Ammonia and Nitrite & Nitrate kits into one kit. (pH, alkalinity, free/total ammonia, nitrite, nitrate MultiTest Kit)Specifications Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same timeSensor based, sensitive to less than 0.01 mg/..
    $72.90 Ex Tax: $63.39
  • Seachem Multitest Nitrite & Nitrate Test Kit
    This kit combines the Nitrite and Nitrate kits into one kit.Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same timeSensitive to less than 0.2 mg/LIncludes reference for test validationMarine or fresh waterRange: 0-25 mg/L (nitrite), 0-50 (nitrate)Precision: 0.1 - 1 mg/L..
    $34.90 Ex Tax: $30.35