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  • API Fresh/Saltwater Phosphate Test Kit 150 Tests
    Testing water has never been simpler. Benefits: Tests Phosphate levels from 0 to 10ppm For use in both fresh and salt water Follow the API Easy Care Guide and use PHOSPHATE TEST KIT when: Testing key water parameters Identifying problems in an aquarium Phosphate ca..
    $22.90 Ex Tax: $19.91
  • Hanna Instruments Checker Phosphate Colorimeter
    Orthophosphates are found in natural and wastewaters. They are commonly added to drinking water as a corrosion inhibitor. The instantaneous analysis of orthophosphate by colorimetric determination provides rapid results using a standard analysis technique. The HANNA HI 713 Checker HC bridges the gap..
    $114.90 Ex Tax: $99.91
  • Salifert Phosphate Test Kit
    Phosphate has several negative effects if present in a too high concentration. First of all undesirable algae growth might result. Making an aquarium an unpleasant sight. Phosphate also blocks or retards the growth of corals and calcareous algae.One of the scientific studies shows that a phosphate c..
    $27.90 Ex Tax: $24.26
  • Seachem Multitest Phosphate Test Kit
    This kit measures inorganic phosphate down to 0.05 mg/L, producing a unique easy to read yellow-green-blue color range in marine and freshwater.Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same timeSensor based, sensitive to less than 0.05 mg/LIncludes reference for test valid..
    $28.90 Ex Tax: $25.13