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  • Aqua Medic Trap Pest
    The Trap-Pest is a universal trap for crabs, snails and bristle worms in fresh or salt water. The Trap-Pest is an automatic trap for removing undesirable bristle worms, crabs or snails from an aquarium. Bristle worms crawl through a funnel into the trap and cannot find their way out whilst crabs and..
    $39.90 Ex Tax: $34.70
  • Fish Trap - Small
    Removable feeding tube, where you can place food inside.Strong suction cups to hold the trap in place. First remove the thin plastic cover on the suction cups, loosen the suction cup`s screw, press the suction cups again the glass wall and then tighten the suction cup`s screw.DimensionsSmall – 14.7c..
    $89.90 Ex Tax: $78.17