Fluidised Reactors

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  • Two Little Fishes PhosBan Reactor 150
    The PhosBan Reactor 150 is designed with the upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of PhosBan® or other chemical filter media. By pushing water from the bottom upward through a dispersion plate, it forces an even distribution of water through the media, and prevents channeling. It ca..
    $99.90 Ex Tax: $86.87
  • Two Little Fishies KW Reactor 300 (Kalkwasser Reac
    The KW Reactor™ 300 creates saturated kalkwasser solution every time the feed pump is switched on to replenish evaporated water. Gentle mixing is achieved with a rotating sprinklerhead that is “powered” by the pressurized water feedTechnical Data •Capacity: Use with up to a maximum of 1 cup calcium ..
    $164.90 Ex Tax: $143.39