Test - Alkalinity/Carbonate Hardness

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  • Hanna Instruments Checker Alkalinity Colorimeter DKH
    The Hanna Marine Alkalinity (dKH) Checker® bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation. Chemical test kits have limited accuracy and resolution since they rely upon the human eye to discern differences in color. Professional instrumentation incorporates a light..
    $119.90 Ex Tax: $104.26
  • Salifert KH/Alk Test Kit
    Calcium alone cannot form the skeletal material of corals and allow calcareous algae to grow. Some other substances are needed as well. A few other constituents are carbonate and bicarbonate. These two substances also have a major impact on the stabilization of the pH in the proper range of 8.1 – 8...
    $19.90 Ex Tax: $17.30
  • Seachem Multitest Marine Basic Test Kit
    This kit combines the Marine pH & Alkalinity, Ammonia and Nitrite & Nitrate kits into one kit. (pH, alkalinity, free/total ammonia, nitrite, nitrate MultiTest Kit)Specifications Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same timeSensor based, sensitive to less than 0.01 mg/..
    $72.90 Ex Tax: $63.39
  • Seachem Reef Status Mag Carbonate Borate Alk Test
    Seachem Laboratories Reef Status: Magnesium, Carbonate, Borate, Alkalinity Test KitFour kits in one! Tests for magnesium through a titration based procedure in increments of 12.5 mg/L. Tests for carbonate alkalinity, borate alkalinity and total alkalinity in 0.1 meq/L resolution through a titration ..
    $99.90 Ex Tax: $86.87